Data as a powerful tool to achieve more equitable outcomes for children, and more equitable distribution of resources where they are needed most.

Chicago communities need complete and accurate early childhood data in order to maximize and equitably allocate resources to support the city’s children and their families.

Launched in 2022, the Chicago Early Childhood Integrated Data System (CECIDS) integrates data across systems and programs to enable the creation of more timely and actionable data insights that serve families, program administrators, funders, advocates, and policymakers. CECIDS brings greater visibility into the needs and experiences of all 189,000 children from birth through age five in Chicago. The first of its kind in Chicago, CECIDS is a leading exemplar in integrated data systems in Illinois and nationwide.

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How many children ages 0-5 live in my community area? What children are eligible for publicly funded early childhood programs?

How many children are enrolled in different programs in my community area? How does service differ by age and income?

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